Info about my latest shenanigans and musings.

LRFFXIII was great! I liked the ending, it felt complete finally, I guess. (it felt complete at the end of the first game too, 13-2 kinda messed everything up lol). Also I officially think Squenix ships FangRai! XD some of the dialogue was just hilarious, kind of like a wink wink to shippers or something. I don’t ship them but I totally get it.

Somethings I still don’t understand tho…

1. Why does Lumina exist??? I understand who she is but, huh? That part went over my head a bit.

2. Why is Hope back to being a kid again?? Was it ever explained? I feel like I missed that part…

3.Why is there no N7 costume?! I know they can do it, it was in XIII-2 already! щ(ಠ.ಠщ)

I wonder if this is really it though…The end of LR seems to have some connection to FF15, being all modern times and stuff. Makes me think FF15 was originally called 13 for a special reason.

Next, I think I’ll play the HD FFX since thats a thing now. Haven’t played it in over a decade so it might be fun rediscovering it again.

Im excited!

So many things happening in this upcoming week. The Walking Dead picks up on Sunday! and Lightning returns will be released Tuesday!!

I got an awesome birthday present this year XD

Its my new favorite game! I haven’t played online yet though. I suck at shooting in this game, lol. I’m always trying to be as stealthy as possible.

I’ll wait until Im halfway decent at survivor mode, I guess :/